Saxophone lessons, Jazz imporvisation & harmoney and theory

Saxophone lessons, Jazz imporvisation & harmoney and theory, Bath

Saxophone lessons, Bath, Radstock, Peasedown St John, Shoscombe

I have been playing saxophone for just over 24 years. I’ve just relocated from London  with my partner to Woodborough Hill, which is very close to Peasedown st John and about 15mins drive from Bath.   

I have a BA hons in jazz and composition, plus more then 15 years experience playing professionally. During this time I have discovered many useful tricks of the trade. More info about me here  Biography.

I teach all levels from complete beginners to advanced and tailor lessons to help students achieve their goals.

East London saxophone Lessons

I travel back to London fairly regularly for gigs and rehearsals so will continue to teach in east London on a semi regular basses. Lessons are taught in the Glasshouse community centre next to Victoria Park but can also be arranged at the students home. 

Advanced saxophone techniques

I have done a lot of work on more advanced saxophone techniques like multiphonics, overtones, circular breathing and extended altissimo range.

see my latest project The Hidden Notes

Harmony and Theory and Jazz improvisation

I also teach jazz harmony and theory so can help all instrumentalists and Vocalists with improvisation, composition and basis piano skills.


Lessons are taught at Woodborough Hill near Shoscombe but can also be arranged at the student’s home in and around the Bath, Radstock and Peasedown St John  area. There may be an extra traveling charge depending on the distance.

30 mins £20

1   hour £35


07890 306 584