JMQ – The Hidden Notes & Metamorphic @ Kings place 13th Dec 2014

I would like to invite you all to come and join us for a very special gig at kings place on the 13th of dec 2014. It’s a double bill with two of my favourite bands Metamorphic and My New Hidden Notes Quintet. This is a big one for us, so would mean a lot to have your support!

Ticket start at £9.50 and are available on the kings place website.

New band Members

I’m very excited to announce that the band has recently developed into a quintet, with Tim Giles and Ralph Wyld joining us on drums and Vibraphone. It’s a lovely combination of instruments and players, so I think I have finally found the sound I’ve been searching for! We have recently had a couple of great gigs in the London Jazz Festival and are now planning to record in the New Year.

John Martin Quintet – The Hidden Notes

The Hidden Notes offers a window into a new and unique sound world. It is a celebration of the saxophone and all the beautiful colours that are hidden just beneath the surface.

The project has grown out of an in-depth study of advanced saxophone techniques, and is the culmination of several years’ work spent developing a tonal approach to multiphonics and overtone patterns. Through this process Martin has discovered many beautiful and affecting sounds, which he has used as a starting point for a new body of compositions. These sounds range from ethereal, delicate two-note whispers to rich full chords, earthy split-notes and powerful metallic dissonance.

Circular breathing then allows for the development of complex continuous rhythmic patterns. All of this combined with the natural sound of the saxophone creates a rich and varied soundscape, opening up many new exciting rhythmic and textural possibilities.

John Martin (tenor sax)
Tim Giles (drums)
Rob Updegraff (guitar)
Tim Fairhall (double bass)
Ralph Wyld (vibes)


are a contemporary song-based jazz/folk sextet who play original music composed by pianist Laura Cole. The group’s second album, Coalescence, was released on the F-ire label in June 2013 to critical acclaim, garnering four-star reviews from the likes of John Fordham in the Guardian, Peter Quinn at Jazzwise, and Brian Morton at Jazz Journal; Brian Morton later named Coalescence as his Album of the Year 2013.

Metamorphic are: Chris Williams, alto (Led Bib); John Martin, tenor/soprano (The John Martin Quartet); Kerry Andrew, vocals (Juice); Tom Greenhalgh, drums (World Sanguine Report); Paul Sandy, double bass (The Dead Victorians); Laura Cole, piano/composer/arranger (Engine Room Favourites)

‘Amazingly original compositions’ Jez Nelson
‘An imposing talent’ John Fordham
‘Exceptionally fine music’ Bruce Lindsay
‘Consistently absorbing’ Chris Parker
‘Compelling and ear-catching’ Pete Quinn