Saxophone Lessons, Jazz & Theory

Saxophone lessons, Jazz and music theory around Bath, Bristol & Bradford on Avon

Saxophone Lessons, Bath, Bristol & Bradford on Avon 

Saxophone lessons, jazz improvisation, harmony & theory and composition. Are you looking for a saxophone teacher? Would you like to learn how to improvise? Or some help with your compositions? I've been playing saxophone for just over 24 years. My partner and I have just relocated from London to Bath. I have a BA hons in jazz and composition, plus 20 years experience working as a professional saxophonist. I write music and have released several albums under my own name, as well as playing on many other peoples records.  I’ve played for a huge variety of bands over the years and in doing so have picked up lots of useful tricks of the trade. I now have the pleasure of passing these on to my students. More info about me here  Biography.

Advanced Saxophone Techniques

I have also done a lot of work on more advanced saxophone techniques like multiphonics, overtones, circular breathing and extended altissimo range. My latest project 'The Hidden Notes' is the culmination of 5 years work spent developing a tonal approach to saxophone multi-phonics and overtones. More info here:

Harmony and Theory, Compositions and Jazz Improvisation Lessons  

In addition to saxophone tuition, I’m able to teach instrumentalists and vocalists, jazz improvisation, composition and basic piano skills. I was lucky enough while at university to have composition and harmony lessons with some of the UK's most inspirational players and teachers. This gave me a very good grounding in harmony and theory, which has been hugely helpful for both my writing and playing. I’ve also spent a lot of time studying and transcribing the Jazz Masters like: Sunny Rollin’s, John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon, Joe Lovano and many more. Through doing this I have discovered a series of steps which are very helpful for developing a strong jazz vocabulary. These steps are not instrument specific so will be conducive to all musicians. 

Saxophone Lessons in East London

I still travel back to London fairly regularly for gigs and rehearsals, so will continue to teach in East London on a semi-regular basis. London lessons are taught in the Glasshouse Community Centre next to Victoria Park but can also be arranged at the student's home. 

Saxophone Lesson Prices

Somerset lessons are taught in Bath near the Holburne Museum but can also be arranged at the student’s home in and around Bath, Bradford On Avon and Frome. I teach all levels, from complete beginners to advanced and tailor lessons to help students achieve their goals. 

30 mins £20

1   hour £35


Please feel free to contact me, John Martin 

07890 306 584

Having picked up my saxophone again after 20 years barely touching it, I decided to take some lessons. In a couple of lessons John has opened up my sound by correcting my embouchure and I feel I have made really good progress in finding my way around the instrument again. More importantly the lessons have been relaxed and enjoyable.

Oliver Secluna
Oliver Secluna
22:24 02 Jul 17

I am an experienced, keen, amateur sax player and went to John for help with my tone and rhythmic playing. John is very patient and encouraging and gave me lots of advice to improve "my sound" which I am still working on. I would recommend John to all those who want an expert saxophone ear to listen to them and offer help.

Michael Bartley
Michael Bartley
12:10 23 Jun 17

As an beginner in my thirties I needed a patient teacher who understood the music I wanted to play. In just a few months i've gone from total beginner to playing tunes and increasing my knowledge of theory too.John is great teacher - encouraging and patient and loves music! After all, "Life without music would be a mistake "Nietsche

Orlando Cubitt
Orlando Cubitt
11:40 23 Jun 17

HI London has lost a great Saxophone teacher, mentor and friendrelaxed no pressure. Made so much progress even though he has moved he still has time for me BIG THANKS John

Nolan Christian
Nolan Christian
13:48 20 Jun 17

John is an excellent teacher. I have been taking lessons with him for about three months and have improved faster than at any other time in my saxophone-playing life (over 10 years). His lessons are a breath of fresh air compared to learning out of method books, with a real focus on getting deep into a tune before broadening it out and applying it to other contexts. Also a great musician and composer in his own right- it was listening to his stuff that led me to him as a teacher.

13:12 19 Jul 17

Great teacher. Very supportive and let me decide where I wanted to go. Got me to be less theoretical and to get into the mood. How often do you get to see your sax teacher performing at a jazz club?

Ted Reilly
Ted Reilly
08:11 18 Jul 17