The Hidden Notes Debut@the National Portrait Gallery

I am pleased to announce, that the 1st airing of my latest project ‘The Hidden Notes’ was very well received, by a packed house at The National Portrait Gallery!


The Hidden Notes

Is a celebration of the saxophone and all the beautiful sounds that are hidden just beneath the surface.

The project has grown out of an in depth study of advanced saxophone techniques and is the culmination of several years work in developing a tonal approach to multiphonics and overtone patterns.

Throughout this process I have discovered many beautiful and effecting sounds, which I have used as a starting levaquin point for a new body of compositions, which will be recorded later this year.

These sounds range from: Ethereal, delicate two-note whispers, rich full chords, earthy split-notes, Powerful Metallic dissonance, rocky over-driven distortion; to a clean and pure sound evocative of an African guitar.

Combine all these new colors with the natural sound of the saxophone, Circular breathing, allowing for complex continuous rhythmic patterns and you have a rich and varied sound-scape, opening up many new exciting rhythmic and textural possibilities.

John Martin Tenor sax, Jonjo Grisdale Piano, Time fairhall double Bass, Dave Hamblett Drums